Getting emails to work on WordPress running on IIS Express (WebMatrix)

I’m working on a WordPress project locally on my PC, deployed via WebMatrix. I love how easy Microsoft has made the process of trying out web apps with the Web Platform Installer. It’s a great way to get up and running, so that you can concentrate on the process of writing code, rather than setting stuff up.

There is one snag though: IIS Express doesn’t include a SMTP server. So, none of the activation or notification emails ever get to the recipient. You can configure it IIS Ex to use a specific SMTP server if you have one by editing the web.config file WebMatrix created for you on the web app’s folder. You simply add: Continue reading “Getting emails to work on WordPress running on IIS Express (WebMatrix)”

Live Mesh won’t sync Microsoft Expression Web “site”?

I have work on multiple Windows devices. I’ve found Windows Live Mesh to be the best tool to keep files synced between these machines. The key advantage it has over other similar tools like Dropbox is that it can sync solely over p2p. So, I can keep my massive files synced without having to go through the¬†excruciating¬†pain of waiting to have such files upload to the cloud.

Yesterday, I created a new Microsoft Expression Web “site” folder as a sub folder in one of the folders synced by Live Mesh. Later I found that the folder isn’t being synced between my computers. It wasn’t really obvious why but, after much searching, I found the reason. Expression Web is marking the folder as a “System” folder [Why does it do that? Just to make sure it gets to change the folder icon!] Continue reading “Live Mesh won’t sync Microsoft Expression Web “site”?”