Extension for Embedding JotForms form

JotForm is one the best online Form Builders out there. It offers more enticing features on its free edition than any of its rivals.

But, why would a developer need an online Form Builder? If you are building a site from scratch or if you are using a powerful CMS such as DNN, you’d probably build the form yourself or use a form builder module. But, increasingly more people are deploying as a CMS as it’s much more simpler to theme, customize, deploy, train and maintain. And BE.NET, meant to be a blog engine doesn’t (yet!) have the cabailities to build forms on the fly: Nor there are any modules (yet!) to do the same. So, the likes of JotForm becomes a really good option.

The problem? Well, there’s no easy way to embed a JotForm on a BE page or a post. That’s why I went ahead and built this simple extension.

How do I use it?

You just drop the JotFormEmbed.cs in to the App_Code/Extensions folder of your BE.NET installation. Then inside a Page or a Post, type [jotform:formid,width,height] where formid is the unique ID for your JotForm form. The width and height parameters define the size of your form area.  You can find out the form ID by looking at the URL JotForm genreates for you.

e.g. where 111111111 is the form ID.



And, that’s it!

NOTE: I couldn’t get the JotForm script tag to work because it seemed to mess up the rest of the BE.NET template. I left the code to insert the script tag in tact. But, I doubt I’d get back to fixing it as the IFrame works fine enough for me.

The C# Source

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