Synopsis: BlogEngine.NET 1.2 with SQLite – BlogEngine.Core

Now that my SQLite Provider implementations seem to be running smoothly enough, it's time I move towards releasing the code.  Before I do, I want to post all the changes that I have made (excluding those are specific to this website's design). To start off here are the changes affecting the BlogEngine.Core library project:


  • AbstractDatabase.cs
    • Path: Providers/
    • Generic base class abstracting database specific implementations
  • Database.cs
    • Path: Providers/SQLiteProvider/
    • Extends AbstractDatabase to provide SQLite specific implementations
  • SQLiteBlogProvider.cs, SQLiteMembershipProvider.cs, SQLiteRoleProvider.cs
    • Path: Providers/SQLiteProvider/
    • Self explanatory

Removed or Modified

  • None.

There is also an additional reference to log4net, used by Membership and Role providers. Original code from Peter A. Bromberg used the Event Log for loggging errors which fails if you are running on a Shared Host machine. Log4Net on the other hand executes without a problem under medium trust scenarios. I have used the File Appender of log4net. You could also easily switch to using SQLite database itself for logging, if that's your preference.

Changes to BlogEngine.Web and the downloadable source code are comming up on the next post… 

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