BlogEngine.NET 1.2 SQLite Edition v0.1

Click here to download the project (2.9 MB ZIP file).

Files that were harmed during the makings of BlogEngine.NET 1.2 SQLite Edition Big Grin:


  • Moved TinyMCE out of Admin folder (which has restircted accesses) to a new Common folder. This was done to fix the problem of simlies being hidden from non-member users.


  • None


  • Take a look at this comprehensive folder comparison report (2.8 MB compressed folder containing folder comparison report in HTML format).

The above files are hosted on my SkyDrive.

Next Up:

There are few configuration steps that you'd need to go through before using BE.NET with SQLite. Hopefully, I'd be able to explain them in my next post. I seem to have messed up the live preview for comments.Oops! I'd have to check that out now.

2 thoughts on “BlogEngine.NET 1.2 SQLite Edition v0.1

  1. I'm seeing a weird issue with this post. It just disappears when I log off, but appear when I log back in. Generally, that's something that happens when you have "Post" unchecked when adding the entry. But, I've checked the DB and it seems the entry clear has Post set to true. Hmmm… worrying 😦


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