SQLite Providers for BlogEngine.net 1.2

This is a test run for my SQLite providers for BlogEngine 1.2. This includes, in addition to a SQLite blog-provider, a port of the SQLite Membership and Role providers originally posted by Peter A. Bromberg. While it was quite possible for me to adopt the same code used by MSSqlBlogProvider class and directly integrate the SQLite Membership/Role provider classes, I chose to make some syntatic adjustments to make those classes fit into my own style of coding.

Anyways, this post will follow up with imported posts from my Blogger account. It will give me a chance to test out the code I've written, with some real data.

:fingers-crossed: Cool

3 thoughts on “SQLite Providers for BlogEngine.net 1.2

  1. Hey Nick,
    Tell you the truth, I cheated on this one as I was building the SQLite extension by adding the articles and comments directly to the database. I believe there's a PowerShell script that you can use to do this too but, I bet that's not what you are after either. Your best bet would be on something like https://www.blogbackuponline.com/ which you can use to backup your Blogger blog and then restore it to BlogEngine.NET blog. I have no idea whether that this will work for Blogger to BE.NET migration, but it did work for a Blogger to WordPress migration that I tested it out for a long time ago.


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